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Very caring & personal service! She went out of her way to research a case out of the kindness of her heart because she genuinely likes to help people & see justice served. A rare quality to find in an attorney...and without going into too much detail, she really helped answer a lot of questions that we couldn't get answered. Highly recommend this firm's services if you find yourself in a legal bind.

-Tim H.

Highly competent and personable attorney.

-Roy W.

Mrs. Simmons was very professional and courteous during my divorce proceedings. She always had good advice and we were able to have the divorce/custody in our favor. She responds to questions and concerns promptly. I would highly recommend Mrs. Simmons and would hire her again in a heartbeat.


She has the best interest of the client at heart. She will even meet with you whenever you are available. I used her for bankruptcy and she did wonderfully. We had to argue on a few things with the creditors, but she handled it.


I lost my job 6 months ago and it took 3 months to find new employment. Because of this and my lack of having enough savings I had to file bankruptcy. I had initially started with a law firm that claims to have filed the most bankruptcy cases in Tennessee. I worked with them for a month but they would not return my phone calls or emails. Due to the lack of communication and feeling like I was a nuisance I looked around for a new attorney. I found Mrs. Simmons through a referral and the difference was night and day. Not only did I get phone calls returned but she called me to make sure I knew what was going on with my case throughout the process.

I would highly recommend her if you need an attorney for bankruptcy. She is now also handling my future divorce proceedings that arose after the financial hardship of the bankruptcy. She has flexible payment plans and has truly made a horrible circumstance into what I can only describe as pleasurable considering the circumstances. If you want the huge attorney's office and want to feel like a number then I cannot recommend her. If you want an attorney who listens and is with you every step of the way then Mrs. Simmons is the attorney for you.


Professional and knowledgeable. Attorney Simmons listens and has a true understanding of the law to help with both criminal and civil cases. I definitely recommend Simmons Law Firm.

-Jessie F.

She has helped me 2 times now through the hardest decisions of my life... I have vented and even cried in front of her and she listens with compassion. I would highly recommend her, she makes tough legal decisions so much easier.

-Holly S.

She handled my bankruptcy case in 2015 and was very professional and friendly. She was upfront with cost and also had a reasonable payment plan that worked with my budget. She always returned my calls and whenever I had a situation with a creditor during the process she handled it with no problem. I would definitely recommend her because she was so great.

-M. King

-I have used Stephanie in 3 cases now. She is very professional and would always shoot me straight. I had a criminal case that she handled with perfection. Now I am using her for my custody battle and she will remain my lawyer for the duration. I highly recommend her and she has treated me very fair on billing, unlike my other lawyer. I would recommend her to anyone seeking help in a time of need.